Criteria for Evaluating Industrial Valve Repair and Valve Modification Companies

Full actuator or automation package replacement can be costly and time-wasting. In-field modification and repair can permit to resume operations in the shortest time and the lowest expense. The criteria below are critical to picking to picking an industrial actuator repair firm that will decrease downtime and restart production process fast.

Actuator parts

The most vital criterion for actuator maintenance is establishing best relationships with producers. Because shipping parts take time and make extended downtime, it is excellent to work with firms that get authorization from the producer and are qualified to modify actuators. That means that these OEMs and distributors meet the rigorous standards of the producer. With firm distribution/OEM relationships in place, domestic firms can maintain an inventory of parts general to the needs of their customers. This significantly decreases downtime and offers ready-to-go replacement stuff that solve general issues.

Expedited field-to-shop repairs

With expedited shipping, a defective actuator can be coming in primary thing in the morning and leave at the end of the same day to serve its second life on the field. New in-shop repair and testing should make sure the highest self-esteem in actuator standard. This contains torque testing, fail-safe testing and eventually valve calibration and mounting.

Qualified technicians

Another reason that can slow down industrial valve actuator repair and modification is the experience of the operator performing the maintenance. Professional service technicians do work right the first time without avoidable delays. Most producers can offer training for installers or for the end users of products. They offer both on-site product instruction and training sessions performed at the shop. These “hands-on” opportunities permit complete comprehensive learning of operation, troubleshooting, testing to inform technicians on use of the actuator in the field. Finally, double block and bleed valve, knowing right-sizing, installation and selection procedures can mean the difference between a winning installation and one that fails.

Proper in-field equipment

Sometimes, actuators are not accessible, and special equipment is needed to reach them. Other times, electrical testing equipment requires to detect perfect tolerances within the automation process. From big fieldwork to perfect-tuning, it is very important the best equipment on hand. Most of all, travel can be the biggest time-wasting aspect of the work. That is why having the best equipment within reach the primary time can get rid of the substantial downtime.

Criteria for Evaluating Industrial Valve Repair and Valve Modification Companies

Computer tracking

Every mechanical valve has to be considered as part of a processing system. By tracking the performance of every one control valve and actuator of the plant, a firm can detect patterns, make reports, plan maintenance and forecast upcoming needs. PC reporting and tracking can decrease costs by matching better parts to the process needs. Also, interruption of service is additionally reduced because right maintenance and parts can be predicted based on previous records.


Actuator replacement/or total valve should be the final option. By picking a firm with the best expertise with in-the-field repair, downtime and expenses can be kept to a minimum without sacrificing safety or quality.